Friday, December 01, 2006

K7 Heaven - Mission statement

First of all I need to explain the name. K7 is what the French call cassettes. In French it sounds like the word "cassette". Basically "kah-sett". Simple really. But in English K7, or "kay seven", rhymes with "Heaven"... so, nifty word play (or confusing cultural references) straight off the bat.

The idea is that I post mp3 files of my old cassettes on Rapidshare, and you download them. Easy.

I have all kinds of stuff and plenty more to come. Most of these tapes will never become CDs, and if they do... well, I guess someone should tell me, and I'll do whatever my conscience dictates.

Sound quality is rudimentary. I haven't cleaned these things up. Just played them on my Walkman, and converted them to mp3 format. Take it or leave it.

First tape post, hopefully tomorrow.

Sleep tight

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