Monday, December 04, 2006

A BAND - 19-1-94

A brilliant mess created by all sorts of neat people, including the previously featured Stream Angel. This came in a unique hand-crafted 7" single sleeve, and is a whole lot of fun. Ideal for laughter, forgetting, wondering and idleness. A is for Ace.

A set of pics of the A Band on flickr:

Their Wikipedia entry:

The cassette download:

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scorzonera said...

A-Band update

A video montage of handpainted LP sleeves from '91 here

A heavily compressed video of a performance at The Old Angel, Nottingham in '91 here

A "reunion" performance at a festival of improvised music in Warrington in June

A 4th album being recorded this Sunday afternoon in a Stoke Newington studio. Stewart's the man to ask about that through his myspace